eKaryotype 3000 Services (for research use only)
Our eKaryotype 3000 services include genomic DNA sequencing followed by our proprietary bioinformatics analysis to detect whole chromosome aberration (aneuploidy) or sub-chromosomal aberration with high accuracy. Please take a look our technology and how it compares to other platforms. The research applications include research studies in the following fields:
  • Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, Patau syndrome, Edwards syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Mosaic Turner syndrome, Mosaic Down syndrome;
  • Developmental, neurological, or mental disorders related to sub-chromosomal aberrations such as DiGeoge syndrome, Angelman syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, Cri-du-Chat syndrome, and autism spectrum disorders. 
  • Cancer or tumor samples due to chromosomal aberration in cells. We are especially good at differentiating the cytogenetics of tumor cells mixed with normal cells.
  • Chromosome and cytogenetics aberration detection in fetal DNA presented in the mix of maternal DNA from mother's blood or plasma (non-invasive yet highly accurate detection).  

Next Generation Sequencing Services
We provide next generation sequencing services at very competitive pricing with high throughput of reads at very fast turn around time (about 3 business days with sample prep and bioinformatics included) with Ion Proton sequencing machine with typical sequence read outputs around 60 million to 85 million. 

Contract Research Services (CRS)
InKaryo also accepts contracts for research testing.  Our scientists are experienced at every single steps of next generation sequencing. Our world class bioinformatics team have solved several most challenging computational problems for genomic diagnostics. Together, we provide the best solutions for big pharmaceuticals and small biotechs. Below is a list of our exemplary sequencing based services:
  • High resolution high accuracy cytogenetics mapping (eKaryotyping)
  • High accuracy sequencing based CNV detection at a competitive cost
  • Cytogenetic study of mixed cell populations
  • Mosaicism study (study of genomic multitudes)
  • Mitochondria related study
  • Veterinary study
  • RNA co-expression module
  • RNA cancer biomarker screening
  • SNP and mutation study
  • Bioinformatics sequencing analysis (propriertary or customized)
  • Environmental bacterial metagenome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis
  • Please talk with us if you have any other sequencing based project. 

Bioinformatics Sequencing Data Analysis
We are also licensing our proprietary eKaryotype bioinformatics analysis package that achieving the best results with your own sequencing data. We provide the analysis through customized server or InKaryo pre-configured Amazon cloud EC2 instance. 

Please contact services@inkaryo.com or simply call (650) 741-8053 for our competitive quotes. We seek to provide our customers with fast, efficient and economical sequencing services. We accept rush orders.